"Two Close Peoples"

performative installation, 2017
2017, "Are You Still Alive? Voices of Conscience at a Time of Silencing",Steirische Kulturinitiative, Graz, Austria
table, books (Two Close Peoples Two Distant Neigbours), text, masticated pages
courtesy of the artist


Private and public
I and you
I and I
Romeo and Romeo
expatriated from the roots of oneself.

“Two close Peoples” is a site-specific performative installation, on the table sheet of paper is ready to transform into anything. Erk sees her body as a stylus and it is an attempt to problematize the boundary between language and body. To cover something sometimes makes it visible, to underline or to cross-out a word makes it legible. How does the memory relate to performativity? Three books as a container of the wisdom of the world perform on the stage, and the stream of consciousness exposes the involuntary memory. Is it possible to remember with a troubled mind? Writing is a form of remembering and while one remembers it gets distorted. Like in a confession room, the thread of monologue alters to uncensored inner voice and forms itself with letters written to Hrant Dink. Mouth is filled up with words of an alphabet; the act of chewing book pages is as if keeping a secret of that silence. As a mobile story teller reads the book aloud, if you hear it at that present time, it is there. Otherwise it gets lost. Pages are sewed word by word, sentence by sentence. “Two Close Peoples Two Distant Neighbours” is decomposed into inside and outside, that is the content and the cover . The act obliterates the legibility but it connects the thread of writing and thread of sewing. The needle operates an invisible violence working through by giving voice to the speech. The table invites a potential engagement of the possible attendant as a public labor to avoid the limitations of language, memory and body.

Didem Erk Abandoned Didem Erk Abandoned

Didem Erk Abandoned

Didem Erk Abandoned