sound, 2011

D. is a sound work realized by recorded automatic talking. In a sense, this work represents a form of superimposition of private I and public I. I, as the starting point of all these works, need to make an absent presence in the site of the works, proposing an intimate relation between the visitor and myself. The question in my mind is about describing the voice of an artist.The voice represents myself but the told stories do not actually present me. The way I articulate myself brings together contradictions. It appears like a subjective history but the reflection of both of them upon each other obscures the meaning. Because there are two voices; one of them is assigned to the right channel while the other is assigned to the left one. The separation of voices creates dubious information: one of them confesses while the other one denies. The voice talks with ‘you’ and ‘I’ pronouns which appear as if it makes a form of confession. It can be named as another form of stream of consciousness that is used in writing by the name of “automatic writing”; but I rather choose to call it automatic talking since there is neither prepared text nor decided theme. The reason of choosing speech as a medium is to remove the barrier between the consciousness and writing.



Didem Erk D