"Now, We can Sink into a Deep Sleep" | "Şimdi Derin Bir Uyku Uyuruk"

Photography | Fotoğraf, 2017
Light Box| Işıklı Kutu
66 x 100 cm
2017, "Home is a Place Called Never" | "Ev İmkansız Denen Yerdir", x-ist, İstanbul
courtesy of the artist

We have never been this lonely, that may be why I feel the need for an underground sanctuary for our existence. An ant may have worked, grown tired, and will return to the nest to sleep. Ants can have a single nest; they build it facing south. Unlike people, they do not set up their homes in addition to the existing system, they carve their homes out of the existing system, they adapt. Maybe we will escape the loneliness of our existence by discovering a sanctuary underground. The ant is alone like the woman in the other works and its home is its path.

  Didem Erk Abandoned